If you are looking for a job at the casino, you need to consider being a casino dealer as you can be comfortable in your skin and if you love card games, you can spend your entire day with dealing cards to different people. The following are some of the reasons why getting a job as a dealer at the casino can be both fun and exciting:

Interact with a variety of people:

Casinos are one of the top tourist attractions. If you happen to work at a fancy casino, you get to deal with people from all over the world. It is fun to interact with them, and you get to meet the party freaks, serious gamblers and other tourists.


You are not going to be rich overnight when you start as a dealer, but you will be tipped by the players at your table and sometimes if the players feel happy about the game he might tip you quite well. Some casinos allow you to keep your tip while others pile in all the tips together and split equally at the end of the day.

Learn the game:

As a dealer, you will have to know the game but as you deal cards to various players on a daily basis you will understand the techniques that are to be used, and you will be an expert at the game. You will know the frequency of the odds, and you will get immersed in the gambling game.

Enjoy life at the casino:

Everyone loves being at the casino. By getting a job as a dealer, you can stay at the casinos and interact with so many people. The entertainment and the party can never be enough, and you also get to work with other dealers who have brilliant stories to share.

Work hours:

Not all the places you work to allow you to schedule your work hours but since the casino is open all day and night, you have the option of scheduling your work hours. If you have a family or a second job you want to run to, you can work accordingly and complete your shift.

Entry level is not difficult:

Most casinos accept even inexperienced dealers as they believe that they will be able to train these dealers. Each casino has a different set of rules and conditions, and the dealers will be trained as per those terms. All they look for is the ability to interact with people and the willingness to learn.


Most of the dealers are happy with their work and people who work as dealers say that they do see a career path in this field and most of them even have certifications in dealing cards. Many people are considering working as a dealer, and if you become good at it, you will be wanted in some of the best casinos.