We all know casinos as a place where we can go and have some fun. It is also the place where we go wage money on our favorite games. Ever since the internet came into the picture people started to create virtual casinos so that they can have all the fun they would have at a real-time casino at any place they want. With online casinos, you can wage your money on your favorite card game just like how you would do in a traditional casino. Online casinos are also known as a virtual casino. The playbacks and the odds that are provided in the virtual casinos are much better when compared to the traditional casino.

Types of online casinos:

Based on the interface the online casinos can be divided into few types:

Web-based casinos:

Web-based casinos are the ones where you can play online without having to download any software onto your computer. The games that are in the web-based casinos require the support of the browser for various plugins. You also need a proper internet connection with as the animation, sound and the pictures are loaded via the plugin through the web.

Download-based online casinos:

A download-based online casino is when you will have to download the software to play the games and wager your money. There is no browser support required as the software connects to the service provider. The virtual casinos run faster, and the animations, sound and other games are loaded much quicker than the web-based online casinos. The disadvantages of the download-based online casino are that it takes a lot of time to download the software and there are other risks like downloading unwanted malware to your computer.

Live dealer Casino:

The live dealer casino there is a human dealer on the other side of the screen, and he/she will be dealing cards, and you can wage your money. By video streaming through a webcam, the players can see other players in the game. You are also allowed to communicate through text messages. The optical character recognition technology is used here, and this allows the user to interact with other players and the dealer just like they would do at a real-time casino.

Bonuses offered at online casinos:

As online casinos gained popularity, there was stiff competition as many sites were introduced to the public. To stand out from the others, the online casinos started to give out bonuses to attract users to log in to their website. These sites offer welcome bonuses where the online casinos offer to pay for your first few gambles. Some of the other bonuses that are offered are referral bonuses where if you refer another user you will be given a bonus. Then you have the cashback bonus, no deposit bonus, non-cashable bonuses etc.